Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Eyewear crowd funding hits 40%

Eyewear's WeFund campaign to pre finance an anthology of poetry called The Poet's Quest for God is a week old and has breezed past the 40% mark.  This is good news for Eyewear - who discovered recently that they had lost all of their funding for the coming year - and good news for those who have already contributed as they will be receiving a copy of the anthology at a special discount rate of £15.  There are still 100 copies of the anthology available but at the standard price of £20.

Eyewear Publishing is that rare beast in the poetry world: a small independent publisher but with top-notch production and distribution standards.  This means that their books look great and also manage to find their way out of the online poetry ghetto and into real brick and mortar bookshops.  They are well worth supporting so please do consider contributing to their crowd-funding campaign and/or buying a book from their back catalogue.


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